Life coach Piyush helped me in getting clarity on my life goals and visions in the way no one
ever can. Her sessions have inspired and motivated me. I am able to achieve my career goals well
in time along with the perfect work-life balance.
Mridu Prakash
Associate Consultant at US-based MNC

My career coaching engagement with Piyush has developed to be one of the best investments I have made till date. I could comfortably open up about my background and in a way, she helped me understand myself and find my strengths while I was always focusing on how much I was lacking. My interests and priorities were acknowledged by her to be the priority to pursue my end objective or goal. She also introduced me to concepts and ideas new to me such as understanding mindfulness and using affirmations to regain my self-confidence. Overall her guidance has been invaluable and has had a significant impact on how I work and think. I would highly recommend her.
Rashmi Amith Prabhu
Audit Analytics/Financial & Business Analytics Professional

I have personally known Piyush and even worked with her on multiple projects. Her approach and methodology bring in a new perspective to clients /participants' behaviours. She is able to creatively present learning and interventions in a simple, engaging manner. You can always count on Piyush to do a superb job and wow the audience at the same time. And She also is very fun to work with.
Aditya Sisodia
Performance Coach and Leadership Consultant

I have always found Piyush to be a very positive individual, a focused professional, and a calm and composed yet confident communicator! Above all, she's a considerate and wise parent and exemplifies a perfect work-life balance. I am glad she is here to share all her best with the world in the form of a coach and facilitator and I wish her the best for all her endeavours. I am sure she'll leave a positive impact on any project she gets involved in, be it in a team or as an individual contributor!
Aditya Pathak
Location Intelligence Professional, Meditation Facilitator, Heritage Walk Leader, Musician, Video Blogger

I worked with Piyush in Pitney Bowes. She is an amazing proactive, confident, self-motivated lady. She used to take part in every event and leading it so gracefully and stress-free. Wish you all success Piyush!
Sargam Dawar
Deputy Manager, MD Office at US-based MNC