I am Mrs Life Coach, a Certified Life Coach and Corporate Facilitator, who focuses on helping people find FULFILMENT in what they do and follow a CAREER PATH that would make their lives beautifully productive.

One thing that has helped me gain success in my career change and new path as a career coach is a clear vision. And, this is what I try to bring in my clients, along with openness to exploring new opportunities and networking by sharing knowledge and ideas through innovative training/coaching tools and techniques, training games, storytelling, role plays, visualization techniques, emotional intelligence tools, empathetic conversations, post-training evaluation, self-reflection and introspection, effective questioning, solution-focused, and action-oriented approach.

I have worked with 1000+ clients including working professionals and to-be-professionals on a 1-o-1 and group basis on different aspects of career and post-psychometric assessment coaching sessions. I have maintained a 4/5 average satisfaction rating from clients at different platforms.

I have facilitated over 2500+ participants at corporates and educational institutions demonstrating analytical, leadership, team management, and communication skills to develop and execute learning and development initiatives, content development for various soft/behavioral skills focused on improving personnel productivity while encouraging creative, innovative, diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

In addition to being a career coach, I am a self-improvement blogger and vlogger on topics involving personal and professional relationships, leadership, productivity, career advancement and performance enhancement at work.

I am a Double Master's holder: Masters Hons. from Panjab University and Executive Program in Global Business Management from IIM Calcutta. I have close to 11 years of corporate experience in the IT industry.

-Corporate Facilitation | Soft Skills | Behavioural Skills | Leadership Skills
-Custom-designed individual coaching | Job Search | Resume Critique | Personal Branding | LinkedIn Profile | Interview Skills | Career Coaching | Career Advancement | Career Clarity | Career Transition | Career Restart | Performance Enhancement 

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