Corporate Training

After earning an 11-year corporate experience, I have gained insider knowledge of how a company's employee development works. It is an investment a company should positively make in order to ensure its success. By training your employees, you are creating a workforce that is flexible, responsible, and ready for change.

I provide tailored, specific programmes as per the organisation's requirement and employees' needs. Whatever the programme is, I make sure that employees succeed at work as well as in their personal lives.

My Specialities as a Corporate Trainer are Providing the Following:
- Soft-skills training
- Communication training, with a special focus on assertiveness and listening skills
- Leadership training, including managing, mentoring, and motivating teams
- Diversity training for helping employees accept dissimilarities among them
- Emotional intelligence enhancement
- Business etiquettes
- Time-management training for improved productivity
- Achieving work-life harmony

My Training Techniques Include the Following:
- Interactive workshops
- Engaging activities and fun games
- Storytelling and also, discussing real-life cases
- Roleplays
- Mutual mentoring
- Mock meetings and learning sessions
- Facilitation via audio-visual tools
- Panel discussions

You are a step closer to the career advancement you truly want.
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